Lourdes Millán
Fundadora Galeota

I am Lourdes Millán, the founder of Galeota Tourism. What began as a need has become my great passion, my work. As a woman I consider myself a fighter, and I am very creative. I love research, personal relations, good communication, and above all I am very proactive. My virtue is my gratitude for all things in life, and the illusion that I place in all that I do.

I like that the people around me feel at ease, and I refer to my team as my children and, like a good mother, I take very good care of them, because they are the image of the company. Feeling at ease as a team and at home with what we communicate, all of us in our ship GALEOTA are together forging new adventures and new challenges.
I love you all….

leticia estébanez
guía galeota

Hello, i am leticia, a young guide who is enthusiast for nature and strong emotions.
Every day lived in this place is an unforgettable experience. However what motivates ne the most is knowing new cultures, languages and habits.

Marcelo Zoratti
guía galeota

I am Marcelo, guide in the Caminito del Rey and accompanying guide on the Costa del Sol and White Towns of the provinces of Málaga and Cádiz.

I walk through Los Gaitanes Gorge, almost every day, accompanying visitors from different parts of the world and everyone agrees that the Caminito del Rey experience is incredible!

I give the best of me so that each journey is lived as a great experience through the telling, with stories, descriptions and anecdotes of each place.

I am passionate about my work and I like the stars very much. I think thats why Im so identified with the phrase that Antoine de Saint-Exupèry says in The Little Prince;

“… the stars are guides …”

Rosario Fernández
guía galeota

Hello, I am Rosi and I work as a tour guide in” El Caminito del Rey”.
Usually I like to brag about working in the office with the most beautiful views in the world, with the scent of pine trees and the early morning birdsong.

I am lucky to have a job that I love and I feel very proud to be able to show you one of the most spectacular sites of my country. As far I can tell, walking along this breathtaking landscape leaves no one indifferent and I encourage you to enjoy a unique experience.

I´ll be waiting for you in my office!

fátima sánchez
guía galeota

I am a teacher and an educational psychologist who is in love with her native land, Andalucia.

I love to travel and visit new places, and get to know their customs and gastronomy. I am at present working as a member of the Galeota Tourism team. I love my work and I enjoy showing off our spectacular environment and making each visit a unique and unforgettable experience.

Pablo Cobos
guía galeota

Nómada de nacimiento debido a la profesión de mi madre, he estado viviendo por toda andalucía, desarrollando pasión por la misma en cada pueblito donde viví. Realicé mi grado en Estudios ingleses en la universidad de Granada donde estuve viviendo durante 5 años, compatibilizando estudios con mi trabajo como traductor así como con mi otra pasión, la Música. Actualmente Perote de Corazón, mostrar nuestros parajes es mi pasión, aportando a las visitas algo mas que solo datos.

Leonor wuyts
guía galeota

I am Ardaleña by birth, and therefore a lover of the environment of the “Caminito del Rey” and the other tourist attractions in the municipality of Ardales, such as the gastronomy, people, the cave of Doña Trinidad Grund, and the church carved in stone of Bobastro. It’s for this reason, that when I was invited to work as a guide in “El Caminito” I didn’t doubt for a single second.

I am an energetic, nice and empathetic person, who loves contact with different people, establishing relationships with them, the peace of the Mother Earth, animals in their wild habitat, the sound of the river water, seeing the plants grow up…
That’s why as a tourist guide, I am passionate about sharing with visitors both the stories, and the knowledge and cultures that make this place so special.

One of my hobbies is reading, but I also like to live adventures. Do you dare to experience this adventure with me?

Salvador Pendón
guía galeota

I was born twenty-five years ago in Ardales, the gateway of the Caminito del Rey, which means that to show people this natural phenomenon and the surrounding area is far more than a professional occupation to me. It is a feeling of pride of identifying with a natural reserve and the satisfaction of knowing that those who come may get to know it and feel attracted by this extraordinary spot. Being a guide in the Caminito del Rey is therefore an opportunity for me to share a unique experience and to do so with the great passion of a host, determined that the visitors feel at home and become an essential part of the life of the Caminito walkway and of the gorges themselves.

Mari Montañez
guía galeota

I am a happy, decisive, friendly and attentive person.
I am a great fan of canyoning and snowboarding. I have been training in the field of Tourism since 2003 and have worked as a guide of tourist circuits in Spain and Portugal.
I also have experience in management and sales of active tourism.
I am at present an official guide of the Caminito del Rey, and as such my career dreams have become a reality.
Dealing with people’s emotions, enabling them to take away a quality experience, full of sensations, makes my job with Galeota Tourism a veritable privilege.

janet lyon
guía galeota

I am Janet Lyon and I am a world traveller. My training is in Translating and Interpreting and Applied Linguistics, and I have worked as an English teacher and translator in countries as varied as Mexico, Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic and China. I decided to settle down here in Andalucia with my daughter 15 years ago, drawn by this country’s beauty, and so rich in nature, tradition and history. I love travelling, meeting new people, hiking in the mountains and doing yoga. As a guide in this spectacular natural environment of the Caminito del Rey, I am living my dream and I have the chance to share it with my clients. I speak Spanish, English, French and Finnish.